Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My friends are so distressed

And standing on  
The brink of emptiness

Went to dinner w/some friends last night. At one point they asked me, "Do you have a drinking problem?"

I glared at them. "Yes, I have a drinking problem. When I want to go out drinking on the weekends, my friends don't."

On the one hand, I got through quite a few D&M episodes. Because I stayed home on Fri-dee and Satur-dee nights.

And now? Yay, I get up early and go to work! So no going out to drink during the week.

It's just past 7am here in the Blue State Frontier. And already I need a drink. 16Peons, come meet me for $3 Wednes-dee (Link was changed from the original strip club...  KG). You can drink, and I can watch you. It's not the same, but it'll suffice for now in light of my wonderful, wonderful friends.

(And if you're a friend of mine who stumbles upon this post and are offended by that last line? Please don't bother to tell me because I'll be upset that you, a self-proclaimed katie-friend was unable to decipher the sarcasm. You've already made me explain the joke. Spare me any further indignity.)

Katie Greene, SF Gold Rush Quality Control Inspector