Monday, November 1, 2010


congratulations to my San Francisco Giants, 2010 World Champions!  FUCK YEAR

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


World Series tonight.  If you're a 16th Parallel Peon, there's a good chance you're wondering, "OK Katie.  Just how the fuck am I supposed to make any money off of this?"  Well fuck if I know.  If you find out, post it in the comments.  We'd all love to know.

You were hoping I'd be more help than that, huh? 

This was lovingly stolen from It might not tell you anything new than was found here.  It's really here only to take up space.  And to afford me the opportunity to post more wacky pics. 


Runline Vs Moneyline Baseball Betting

There are two main ways to bet sides in baseball – the moneyline and the runline. The difference between the two seems subtle, but the more you look at them, the more you appreciate their complexity. The most interesting thing about the two different bets to me is that if you ask baseball bettors what they prefer you’ll get a bunch of different answers, and most of those answers will be passionate. Some people favor betting the moneyline because runlines can present lousy value. Others play the runline because the payoffs are better and about two-thirds of games are decided by more than one run. As is the case in so many things, both opinions can be right or wrong depending upon your perspective and how you look to use them. To know what’s best for you you need to understand the two tools, and their strengths and weaknesses.

Moneyline – When you are betting a moneyline you are merely picking which team you think is going to win the game, and if you are right you get paid off. The favorite will be represented in the moneyline by a negative number. If, for example, the favorite is at -135 then you would have to bet $135 to make a profit of $100 when you win. The underdog is a positive number with a smaller absolute value than the favorite. If the favorite was at -135, then you might see the underdog at +115, which means that you would make a profit of $115 if you bet $100. The more you have to bet on the favorite to win $100, the better the perceived chances that the favorite is going to win the game.

Runline – The runline functionally works the same as the moneyline,  but with one big difference – your team has to win by two or more runs if you are betting the favorite, and you will still get paid off if you bet the underdog and the team loses by a single run. In other words, the runline is a moneyline attached to a point spread of 1.5 runs.

Issues to consider when choosing which tool to use
Home versus away – One thing to consider when playing the runline is where the team is being played. Road teams cover the runline more often than home teams do. There are two reasons for that – if a home team is winning they get one less at bat, and if the home team is tied or behind going into the ninth then the game ends as soon as they score a run. That doesn’t mean that you should bet road favorites on the runline and not home favorites. It does mean, though, that you need to make sure that the edge is particularly significant before betting on a home team.

Relationship between runline and moneyline – The runline and the moneyline on a given game are loosely related, but there can be a wide range of possible runlines for a given moneyline. It’s not like a certain moneyline has a particular runline that is always associated with it. The two different lines are set according to the unique characteristics of a game. Once they are set the lines are free to move separately in response to the market pressures they face. Some people will say that the runline always has less value than the moneyline, but that’s not the case. What you need to do is to see how the two lines compare so that you can spot where the value is. It’s very hard to convert a moneyline to a runline precisely because of the factors involved, but there is a good rule of thumb I use to get a sense of how the lines relate. If the home team is favored then I move the moneyline by 90 cents to get a sense of where the runline should be – i.e. a -130 moneyline should have a runline of about -1.5 +160. If the road team is favored then I move it by 55 cents. That’s a very rough estimate, but it allows you to compare and look for value. Small difference between that calculation and reality aren’t relevant, but significant differences can be indicators of value. If the potential payoff on the runline is significantly higher than the calculation then the value could be in the runline, and if it is significantly lower then the value could be in the moneyline. If you look at runlines every day and compare them to moneylines then you’ll very quickly start to get a sense of what is right and what seems out of whack just by looking at them.

Relationship to totals – The posted total in a game has a big impact on a runline, and has to be factored into your decision making process. It’s much easier for a team to win a game by two runs if they are playing in a game with a total of 11 than it is if the total is 7. The more runs that are expected in a game, the more runs a team can afford to give up and still win by two runs. The total is factored into the calculation of runlines, but you still need to consider it when you are making your decisions.

Importance of value – Value is the most important aspect of all sports betting, and runlines are no exception. If you read sports betting forums you’ll see all sorts of people making absolute arguments – ‘never bet runlines!’, or ‘runlines are for suckers!’, or ‘you’d have to be an idiot to bet moneylines instead of runlines!’. None of those arguments are even remotely true. Smart bettors who win over the long term don’t blindly make just one kind of bet. Instead, they recognize the strengths and weaknesses of each potential bet, and the analyze them to understand where the best value lies. Rejecting any particular type of bet outright is just rejecting a possibility for potential.

(Note from Katie:  OK, i thought I'd have more Giants-related pics.  Sorry.)

Sunday, October 24, 2010


beat the PHAILlies last night.  still can't fucking believe it.

Cry some more


i was so afraid that Big Time Timmy Jim's relief appearance would backfire so bad...

And apparently, this happened at the Cal game I went to right before Game 6.  
You Fall In Love, You Lose


Thursday, October 21, 2010

"A woman in politics is like a donkey doing calculus."

(note from katie:  this post originally appeared on 06 August 2006)

Was a week late posting the 4amC from last week, but there it is above in the recaps.

I fell asleep during some slow parts. I was tired, and really this wasn't that great of an episode. At least not for this season. Ironically enough, this seems to be one of the greatest post titles ever to grace the 16thP. Lucky for me, the 16thP Vice Presidents (and one Vice Presidenne) aren't too keen on posting anymore so this one'll stay up for a while.

all my love,
Katie Greene, Vice President of Public Relations, Expresso Parking

Live 4am Criticism of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
You are now in chat room "GetBentAIM."
KatieGreene13 has entered the chat room.
KatieGreene13 (10:29:05 PM): hello dere
KatieGreene13 (10:29:46 PM): trying to finish up the first Disc for Godfather II before the rerun of IASiP, before the new episode replays tonight at 11:05 or so...
KatieGreene13 (10:30:53 PM): there's a replay of the episode here
KatieGreene13 (10:34:56 PM): gonna pee, brb
KatieGreene13 (10:35:22 PM): OK no time for pee
KatieGreene13 (10:57:02 PM): this episode is a little better the second time around
KatieGreene13 (10:59:13 PM): yeahi was right, that was a shitty ending
KatieGreene13 (11:03:02 PM): WTF? they're gonna show last week's episode?
KatieGreene13 (11:03:15 PM): hope that's a mistake...
KatieGreene13 (11:03:19 PM): here we go (?)
KatieGreene13 (11:03:20 PM):
KatieGreene13 (11:03:26 PM): TV MA L
KatieGreene13 (11:03:44 PM): 10:15: AM
KatieGreene13 (11:03:46 PM): On a Wednesday
KatieGreene13 (11:03:51 PM): Philadelphia, PA
KatieGreene13 (11:04:07 PM): Garbage Pail Kids
KatieGreene13 (11:04:50 PM): "politics is just one big ass-blast"
KatieGreene13 (11:05:25 PM): "The Gang Runs for Office"
KatieGreene13 (11:05:33 PM): It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
KatieGreene13 (11:09:41 PM): "A woman in politics is like a donkey doing calculus."
KatieGreene13 (11:11:28 PM): Hobovertising
KatieGreene13 (11:13:27 PM): Dee's still lookin' kinda old, but ooh momma do i want to bang her
KatieGreene13 (11:15:04 PM): they appear to have pissed off the Union nerds
KatieGreene13 (11:15:46 PM): "That's called flip-flopping, Mac! That's what Democrats do!"
KatieGreene13 (11:18:52 PM): and now i'm falling asleep... not that it's a shitty episode, but i'm just tired
KatieGreene13 (11:19:48 PM): LOL
KatieGreene13 (11:19:53 PM): "I think I look like a whore."
KatieGreene13 (11:22:52 PM): falling asleep
KatieGreene13 (11:24:14 PM): hey ya! Sweet Dee as a whore!
KatieGreene13 (11:26:00 PM): Dennis Reynolds, Baby Rapist!
KatieGreene13 (11:28:35 PM): WHORE CITY
KatieGreene13 has left the chat room.


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

It's the Conspiracy Theory, Stupid!

While everybody else out there is forwarding various 9/11 conspiracies (or taking giant shits on them), they're missing a far more important issue!!!

Drawing upon two 16thP favorites-- a linkdump and a favorite website-- your Favorite 16thP Vice President Tia Katie came across this very disturbing animation...

Garfield may be dead...

You can find more details at wikipedia, but the comics themselves are in that YTMND. You check it out. See for yourself. As conspiracy theories go, this one is more palatable than one which places George W. Bush at the head of a criminal conspiracy to murder a bunch of retarded New Yorkers.

That's all for now, it's late. Oh and don't go see My Super Ex-Girlfriend, especially if you're expecting lots and lots of Uma Thurman. There ain't.

And if this is your first time on the 16thP, welcome! Be warned: this is still considered a political blog (note from Katie:  no it's not, don't worry. that's from the old blog), and your friend Tia Katie may have been hiding his rabid Republicanism from you in the interests of civility. If this bothers you, just remember how tolerant you Leftists are supposed to be. And don't wander off the reservation and get mad at me when a right wing post or a racially insensitive slur gets your panties in a bunch. I'm warning you right here and right now.

Although what with posts like this, or ones about the San Francisco Giants or about various TV shows available on DVD, you'd think this blog is apolitical. Eh, whatever. That's the direction I've chosen to steer the 16thP as of late, and I hope that this clarification nets a few readers who have been holding on tightly to any misconceptions about this our beloved 16thP.

happy 16thPeeing,
Katie Greene, Vice President of Public Relations, Expresso Parking

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

horny mexican pin number condoms

See? Making the 16thP is that easy. Just a couple of Find & Replaces by your Favorite 16thP Vice President Tia Katie, and they're off!

Makin' the 16thP
9:01:27 PM NyreeMinasian: next time I see you, remind me "horny mexican pin number condoms"
9:21:58 PM
KatieGreeneVPPREP: i don't even need to hear the rest of that
9:22:00 PM
KatieGreeneVPPREP: you're making the 16thP
9:22:22 PM
NyreeMinasian: you will like
9:22:28 PM
NyreeMinasian: went to get cigs
9:22:38 PM
NyreeMinasian: mexican in front of me was buying two packs of condoms
9:22:43 PM
NyreeMinasian: in a bit of a rush
9:22:48 PM
NyreeMinasian: tried his atm
9:22:54 PM
NyreeMinasian: declined, invalid pin
9:22:59 PM
NyreeMinasian: tried again
9:23:04 PM
NyreeMinasian: declined, invalid pin
9:23:10 PM
NyreeMinasian: the clerk took the condoms from him
9:23:16 PM
NyreeMinasian: he left updet
9:23:19 PM
NyreeMinasian: upset
9:23:28 PM
NyreeMinasian: i guess there is another mexican coming into the world
9:23:34 PM
NyreeMinasian: get those welfare checks ready!
9:24:07 PM KatieGreeneVPPREP: oh you're so making the 16thP
9:25:23 PM
NyreeMinasian: i know huh

If you're a 16th Parallel Peon of Mexi-tastic persuasion, our hats are off to you. Go out and have The Sex right now because you can. Lucky bastard. I have a date with my archived radio show right now.

If you're offended by the chat above, how the fuck did you find the 16thP anyway? And why are you still here? Well shit, now that you are here, why don't you stay and look around for a bit? We're kinda like Ikea... something for everyone.

Hmm, upon further inspection, "Something for Everyone" doesn't seem to be their advertising slogan of choice anymore. It was when it opened up in Emeryville, I thought... I ended up buying a CD rack and some 3.5" floppy disk cases. Remember those?

Monday, October 18, 2010

Generic Nintendo versus Brand Name Nudity

(Note from Katie:  this post originally appeared on Tuesday 03 October 2006)

Chatting with CwTKnockers. Cool links. Everything but the first one is NSFW.

And really what did you expect for a <th> other than the only line in the chat?

There is a God...
10:40 PM
TiaKatie: There is a God...
CwTKnockers: nice
TiaKatie: oh ya
TiaKatie: katie like

I'd post a picture, but i'm too lazy right now. And it's almost midnight and i'm falling asleep @ the keyboard. Maybe tomorrow, we'll see...

he did not find it amusing. my mom laughed her ass off
10:50 PM
CwTKnockers: yo
CwTKnockers: my dad came in and he said "I put in a pacemaker in 40 minutes today". I replied with "I took an hour and a half nap". he did not find it amusing. my mom laughed her ass off
TiaKatie: LOL

CwTKnockers' parents are pretty cool. They're building Rancho TKnockers right now, it's pretty sweet. But really enough about them. Your Favorite 16thP Vice President can't seem to stress enough the importance of Jennifer Hurt. So he made it the <th> yet again.

But really, is it any wonder why? Sweet Jennifer-Hurt-Dreams, 16thP Peons...

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Civil Engineering on a Pleasant Sun-dee Afternoon

(note from Katie:  this post originally appeared on Sunday 22 October 2006)

If I don't post this now, I won't get around to it until next Sun-dee. But you'll want to read this now.

New to the 16thP? Man oh man did you pick the wrong post to hop aboard with...

well, really, i don't have a pair of scissors in my studio apartment
TiaKatie (1:11:25 PM): i just trimmed my pubes in my office
TiaKatie (1:11:48 PM): granted, my door was closed, and my office is completely empty... it still felt very naughty
ProfVivianCanapa (1:12:10 PM): that's ok
ProfVivianCanapa (1:12:14 PM): one time i hated some guy
TiaKatie (1:12:20 PM): uh oh
ProfVivianCanapa (1:12:22 PM): i felt the need to wipe my ass on his keyboard
TiaKatie (1:12:32 PM): oh that's not so bad
ProfVivianCanapa (1:12:40 PM): that's ok
ProfVivianCanapa (1:12:43 PM): i had sex at the office
TiaKatie (1:13:00 PM): with a girl? with a guy? with yourself?
ProfVivianCanapa (1:13:05 PM): girl
ProfVivianCanapa (1:13:12 PM): that is freaking funny katie
TiaKatie (1:13:19 PM): the sex or the pubes?
ProfVivianCanapa (1:13:20 PM): the pubes
ProfVivianCanapa (1:13:25 PM): you felt the need to mow your lawn at the office
ProfVivianCanapa (1:13:34 PM): you should sprinkle it on some ppl
TiaKatie (1:13:34 PM): well, really, i don't have a pair of scissors in my studio apartment
ProfVivianCanapa (1:13:42 PM): HAHaHhahAHAhahahAHAHAHAHHAhaHAH
ProfVivianCanapa (1:13:53 PM): i should quote you
TiaKatie (1:14:00 PM): just point people to my blog
ProfVivianCanapa (1:14:07 PM): you talked about it??
TiaKatie (1:14:13 PM): no, i'll put this up on the blog
ProfVivianCanapa (1:14:13 PM): dood have you thought about jerking it at the office
TiaKatie (1:14:21 PM): i always think about that. even at church
ProfVivianCanapa (1:14:23 PM): and the putting the cum in the office creamer?
TiaKatie (1:14:30 PM): oh. no. that's kinda disturbing
TiaKatie (1:14:42 PM): that's also why i don't drink the coffee

You can't make this stuff up. Sometimes I tell myself, this is not my beautiful stapler it's the Katie who made Berkeley Engineering so degenerate. But with buddies like ProfVivianCanapa and RCCBrenda, maybe it's the other way around.

It could be the Southern Californian who brings out the perverted side of Berkeley Engineering. Never thought I'd say this, but we need more Berkeley Engineers to come to the 16thP so we can figure out the Circle of Perversion.

you almost got pwnd
ProfVivianCanapa (1:22:28 PM): what?!?!
TiaKatie (1:22:55 PM): FUCK!!! one of the senior dudes came in to use the copier!!
TiaKatie (1:22:59 PM): good thing my door was closed
ProfVivianCanapa (1:23:18 PM): you almost got pwnd
TiaKatie (1:23:22 PM): oh my
TiaKatie (1:23:35 PM): that would've made an even better post, though...
ProfVivianCanapa (1:24:14 PM): HAhaHAHAHHAHAa
ProfVivianCanapa (1:24:18 PM): you almost got pwnd
ProfVivianCanapa (1:24:19 PM): imagine that
ProfVivianCanapa (1:24:25 PM): you are mowing your lawn
ProfVivianCanapa (1:24:32 PM): and then all of a sudden while you're holding out some pubes
ProfVivianCanapa (1:24:39 PM): your boss walks in

Golf-Foxtrot wasn't phased at all when I told her this story. She somewhat expects this of me nowadays. I told her to check the 16thP later, as the depravity would find itself in 16thP-post form sooner or later. My only regret is that it's so far on the Later end of the spectrum, she's asleep.

She said she's quitting her job tomorrow. Could be an interesting week.

OK must sleep now. Big week ahead.

Tia Katie

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Thanks for the mammaries

(note from Katie:  this post originally appeared on 06 October 2006.  was on a politics blog, but i managed to stray off-topic every once in a while)

See what happens when I post politics nowadays? OTWMarcia and fairyweird stop cussing at each other and calling each other names. So here's an experiment. I'm going back to posting what I know best

Or it's just an excuse to post a movie involving two things which as a gender we men should hold dear. The Price is Right... and boobies.

I guess that makes it three things then?

Katie Greene, Vice President of Public Relations, Expresso Parking

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Oops, I did it again

ate my lunch before lunchtime.  WTF.  it was some leftover tri-tip.  was pretty good, even cold.  but now i have to go out and buy some lunch because i'm still hungry.

here are some Technologically Impaired Ducks for ye.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Super fucking busy...

...but I love you guys and I can't stay away from you forever.  Barely enough time to say Congratulations, SF Giants on the NLCS Berth!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Busy Weekend!

Cal 35, UCLA 7
Blue Jackets 3, >Shorks 2
Cal 6, UCLA 2 (club ice hockey)

Giants +131 @ Atlanta -141 (will be in the in-game thread, come find me as NK)
Eagles @ 49ers -3.5
Bed-I-Have-To-Pick-Up-From-My-Grandma's-House (no line)
Mow-the-lawn-and-pick-up-dog-shit (no line)

Friday, October 8, 2010

FFS, Giants!

bottom of the tenth inning, bases loaded, one fucking out, potential ROTY Buster Posey up to bat...  5-4-FUCKING-3 DOUBLE PLAY

i mad.  

and then the barves homer in T11.

Seriously.  WTF.  Blow a 4-0 lead at home, and now we've lost home-field advantage.  Fucking retards.

I don't want to fucking think about baseball right now.  Must find something that makes me even more aggravated than the Giants...  Oh, of course.  Technologically Impaired Duck.