Sunday, October 17, 2010

Civil Engineering on a Pleasant Sun-dee Afternoon

(note from Katie:  this post originally appeared on Sunday 22 October 2006)

If I don't post this now, I won't get around to it until next Sun-dee. But you'll want to read this now.

New to the 16thP? Man oh man did you pick the wrong post to hop aboard with...

well, really, i don't have a pair of scissors in my studio apartment
TiaKatie (1:11:25 PM): i just trimmed my pubes in my office
TiaKatie (1:11:48 PM): granted, my door was closed, and my office is completely empty... it still felt very naughty
ProfVivianCanapa (1:12:10 PM): that's ok
ProfVivianCanapa (1:12:14 PM): one time i hated some guy
TiaKatie (1:12:20 PM): uh oh
ProfVivianCanapa (1:12:22 PM): i felt the need to wipe my ass on his keyboard
TiaKatie (1:12:32 PM): oh that's not so bad
ProfVivianCanapa (1:12:40 PM): that's ok
ProfVivianCanapa (1:12:43 PM): i had sex at the office
TiaKatie (1:13:00 PM): with a girl? with a guy? with yourself?
ProfVivianCanapa (1:13:05 PM): girl
ProfVivianCanapa (1:13:12 PM): that is freaking funny katie
TiaKatie (1:13:19 PM): the sex or the pubes?
ProfVivianCanapa (1:13:20 PM): the pubes
ProfVivianCanapa (1:13:25 PM): you felt the need to mow your lawn at the office
ProfVivianCanapa (1:13:34 PM): you should sprinkle it on some ppl
TiaKatie (1:13:34 PM): well, really, i don't have a pair of scissors in my studio apartment
ProfVivianCanapa (1:13:42 PM): HAHaHhahAHAhahahAHAHAHAHHAhaHAH
ProfVivianCanapa (1:13:53 PM): i should quote you
TiaKatie (1:14:00 PM): just point people to my blog
ProfVivianCanapa (1:14:07 PM): you talked about it??
TiaKatie (1:14:13 PM): no, i'll put this up on the blog
ProfVivianCanapa (1:14:13 PM): dood have you thought about jerking it at the office
TiaKatie (1:14:21 PM): i always think about that. even at church
ProfVivianCanapa (1:14:23 PM): and the putting the cum in the office creamer?
TiaKatie (1:14:30 PM): oh. no. that's kinda disturbing
TiaKatie (1:14:42 PM): that's also why i don't drink the coffee

You can't make this stuff up. Sometimes I tell myself, this is not my beautiful stapler it's the Katie who made Berkeley Engineering so degenerate. But with buddies like ProfVivianCanapa and RCCBrenda, maybe it's the other way around.

It could be the Southern Californian who brings out the perverted side of Berkeley Engineering. Never thought I'd say this, but we need more Berkeley Engineers to come to the 16thP so we can figure out the Circle of Perversion.

you almost got pwnd
ProfVivianCanapa (1:22:28 PM): what?!?!
TiaKatie (1:22:55 PM): FUCK!!! one of the senior dudes came in to use the copier!!
TiaKatie (1:22:59 PM): good thing my door was closed
ProfVivianCanapa (1:23:18 PM): you almost got pwnd
TiaKatie (1:23:22 PM): oh my
TiaKatie (1:23:35 PM): that would've made an even better post, though...
ProfVivianCanapa (1:24:14 PM): HAhaHAHAHHAHAa
ProfVivianCanapa (1:24:18 PM): you almost got pwnd
ProfVivianCanapa (1:24:19 PM): imagine that
ProfVivianCanapa (1:24:25 PM): you are mowing your lawn
ProfVivianCanapa (1:24:32 PM): and then all of a sudden while you're holding out some pubes
ProfVivianCanapa (1:24:39 PM): your boss walks in

Golf-Foxtrot wasn't phased at all when I told her this story. She somewhat expects this of me nowadays. I told her to check the 16thP later, as the depravity would find itself in 16thP-post form sooner or later. My only regret is that it's so far on the Later end of the spectrum, she's asleep.

She said she's quitting her job tomorrow. Could be an interesting week.

OK must sleep now. Big week ahead.

Tia Katie


  1. just to be clear, myself and Prof. Canapa? we're both dudes.

    thanks for stopping by, razortek... i made a comment on your blog about jessica alba's hole.

  2. You people are insane... two thumbs up!

  3. Crazyness. Thanks for comments on my chooseyourownadventure blog!

  4. lol, great stuff. I love office stories.

  5. I could not trim myself or so any sort of personal grooming like that at the workplace. The most I'll go is maybe sort some hard to blow out boogies but that's it. XD

  6. dsauasusahdsd good story dsuaihh
    nice post

  7. man... i think i just experienced a week worth of weirdness.

  8. everybody above is waiting patiently in a tab, will visit you guys tomorrow. i'm so goddam tired, i'm going to sleep early.

  9. Oh my god I can't Believe this happened.