Saturday, October 16, 2010

Thanks for the mammaries

(note from Katie:  this post originally appeared on 06 October 2006.  was on a politics blog, but i managed to stray off-topic every once in a while)

See what happens when I post politics nowadays? OTWMarcia and fairyweird stop cussing at each other and calling each other names. So here's an experiment. I'm going back to posting what I know best

Or it's just an excuse to post a movie involving two things which as a gender we men should hold dear. The Price is Right... and boobies.

I guess that makes it three things then?

Katie Greene, Vice President of Public Relations, Expresso Parking


  1. I wonder why hypnotists haven't caught on to the fact that bouncing boobs are the next best thing :P

    cool blog btw! come check mine out when you have the chance :)

  2. oh lawd! i'm never gonna look at the price is right the same way as before.

    anyway, those are some nice jiggling. lol

  3. Sweet! New Pornographers! Jiggly! Bob!

    (Plus, unrelated... but f*ck the phillies)

  4. indie0987: i downloaded this song, and each time it comes up on my iPod, i start thinking of bewbs. it makes me happy.

    so does tim WINcecum's performance last night against the PHAILlies

    above. visited. thanks guys, much love.

  5. This video makes me so happy. Both the song and the boobs :D

  6. Brb getting rich off of price is right porn parody.