Monday, October 18, 2010

Generic Nintendo versus Brand Name Nudity

(Note from Katie:  this post originally appeared on Tuesday 03 October 2006)

Chatting with CwTKnockers. Cool links. Everything but the first one is NSFW.

And really what did you expect for a <th> other than the only line in the chat?

There is a God...
10:40 PM
TiaKatie: There is a God...
CwTKnockers: nice
TiaKatie: oh ya
TiaKatie: katie like

I'd post a picture, but i'm too lazy right now. And it's almost midnight and i'm falling asleep @ the keyboard. Maybe tomorrow, we'll see...

he did not find it amusing. my mom laughed her ass off
10:50 PM
CwTKnockers: yo
CwTKnockers: my dad came in and he said "I put in a pacemaker in 40 minutes today". I replied with "I took an hour and a half nap". he did not find it amusing. my mom laughed her ass off
TiaKatie: LOL

CwTKnockers' parents are pretty cool. They're building Rancho TKnockers right now, it's pretty sweet. But really enough about them. Your Favorite 16thP Vice President can't seem to stress enough the importance of Jennifer Hurt. So he made it the <th> yet again.

But really, is it any wonder why? Sweet Jennifer-Hurt-Dreams, 16thP Peons...


  1. meh... i don't have any idea what this is about.

  2. lol @ the nap. I have to remember that one. :)

  3. haha nice lol wut

    I like your blog +follow

  4. lol, I love how you format the convos.

  5. haha, you write your posts before bed? me too.

  6. haha, I liked that!
    "I put in a pacemaker in 40 minutes today!"
    "I took an hour and a half-long nap!"

    Also, points for boobs!

  7. That guy's dad is a bro. Pacemaker in 40 min? oh snap he is a beast.

  8. tabbed/visited if above thanks guys

  9. I love Nintendo! It's the 25th anniversary today!