Wednesday, October 20, 2010

It's the Conspiracy Theory, Stupid!

While everybody else out there is forwarding various 9/11 conspiracies (or taking giant shits on them), they're missing a far more important issue!!!

Drawing upon two 16thP favorites-- a linkdump and a favorite website-- your Favorite 16thP Vice President Tia Katie came across this very disturbing animation...

Garfield may be dead...

You can find more details at wikipedia, but the comics themselves are in that YTMND. You check it out. See for yourself. As conspiracy theories go, this one is more palatable than one which places George W. Bush at the head of a criminal conspiracy to murder a bunch of retarded New Yorkers.

That's all for now, it's late. Oh and don't go see My Super Ex-Girlfriend, especially if you're expecting lots and lots of Uma Thurman. There ain't.

And if this is your first time on the 16thP, welcome! Be warned: this is still considered a political blog (note from Katie:  no it's not, don't worry. that's from the old blog), and your friend Tia Katie may have been hiding his rabid Republicanism from you in the interests of civility. If this bothers you, just remember how tolerant you Leftists are supposed to be. And don't wander off the reservation and get mad at me when a right wing post or a racially insensitive slur gets your panties in a bunch. I'm warning you right here and right now.

Although what with posts like this, or ones about the San Francisco Giants or about various TV shows available on DVD, you'd think this blog is apolitical. Eh, whatever. That's the direction I've chosen to steer the 16thP as of late, and I hope that this clarification nets a few readers who have been holding on tightly to any misconceptions about this our beloved 16thP.

happy 16thPeeing,
Katie Greene, Vice President of Public Relations, Expresso Parking


  1. yeah, 9/11 conspiracies just is implausible to me. I also never watched super ex girlfriend, though I sort of wanted to. It was interesting enough of a trailer some years back.

  2. TZ: yah, the trailer was kinda awesome looking. unfortunately the movie was one of the bigger abortions i've had the misfortune of watching. my friends were pissed at me for a week for making them watch it.

  3. Haha... wow. Thanks for sharing the info, I guess. :P

  4. as much as I'm sick of 9-11 theories, I still follow them

  5. I am tired of 9-11 conspiracy theories :I

  6. yeah 9-11 conspiracy theories usually seem pretty far-fetched

  7. mm alright. conspiracy theorists are morons. kind of like people that can "predict the future". bull crap.

  8. Super GF pissed me off when I watched it.. dunno why

  9. OK everybody above is commented. slowly making my way back into the black.