Sunday, August 29, 2010

New to 16th Parallel programming?

i don't quite understand what "new" versus "old" means, but it's still a good pic?
Tia Katie isn't quite up for reviewing Grey's Anatomy. Not because it sucks this season, and nor because tonight's episode is bound to suck if only because the episode teaser in yahoo! started off with "Burke and Yang..."

So I set the VCR, will likely watch later this week. Saw that there was an aircraft carrier special on the Discovery Channel...

...but shit it's that dirty jobs show. Something about pig farming. Which reminds me, check out Snatch (the movie, fellow perverts). Good movie. If you liked Pulp Fiction, you'll like Snatch. And isn't it mindblowing how Pulp Fiction came out around 15 years ago?

Anycrap, gonna put some laundry away, read some Half-Blood Prince. When GA is done taping, maybe some GTA:SA?

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