Friday, September 3, 2010

Thurs-dee Quizzes!

In memory of my xb0x0r which is down at my parents' house w/their new Sony 50" LCD (hooowhee!) I've taken some Halo quizzes!

You are Grif. You are known for your excellent
comebacks, and your constant annoying sarcasm.
You're always up for a good staring challenge,
or an argument over something stupid. But there
is some people, you just can't seem to
beat...and that would be Donut. You try to stay
away from him as much as possible.
(Full Name: Private Dexter Grif.)
(Armor Color: Orange.)

A Halo Quiz: Which Red vs Blue character are you?
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Which Halo character are you?The flood
You are like a sheep in a herd, you follow everyone else and rarely think for yourself.
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Thanks, assholes, for passing on shitty html in your quizzes!


  1. Im not even gunna take the test, I know Ima come out to be caboose :P

  2. GG Grif

    Out rounding