Tuesday, August 31, 2010

NOT TOO TIRED TO BLOG, BABY BOOYAH (this is like the Lusty Lady: Look all you want. but that's it)

I got home at 945pm. left the apartment at 5am. I hope i'm doing the math right, because i count 16-1/2 hours. I think.

I'm too tired to complain, so here's the rundown. If a gentle 16Peon would be so kind as to these to find the distance i travelled today, i'd be much obgliged.

Ashby Ave., Oakland, CA to UC Merced (I-580E to I-205 to I-5N to CA-120 to US-99)
UC Merced to San Jose, CA (via 152 aka Pacheco Pass)
San Jose, CA to Milpitas, CA (via I-680)
Milpitas, CA to the Home Office in lovely Fairfield, CA
Faifield, CA to sweet sweet Oakland, CA

That seems like a lot. If i wasn't so eff-ing tired, I'd do a cool deallie like this.

Instead, since it only requires a couple of command-F replace deallies in MS word for Mac OS X and a few html tags, i'll leave you w/a chat deallie...katie-tastic link below, but provided by AnnA.

What a great friend!!! I just wish i weren't too exhausted to enjoy the photos.
chat deallie

9:45 PM
KatieGreeneVPPREP: yo
KatieGreeneVPPREP: holy fuck my shit i just got home
KatieGreeneVPPREP: left the house @ 5am
KatieGreeneVPPREP: hey you have that girls peeing link again? you sent it to my work thing and i closed it
9:50 PM
KatieGreeneVPPREP: why do i like this so much?
KatieGreeneVPPREP: there is a God
AnnA: figured you'd like it.
KatieGreeneVPPREP: god there's a ton of them
KatieGreeneVPPREP: i'm soo fucking tired, i can't even go through all of them
KatieGreeneVPPREP: that's how tired i am right now
AnnA: wow
AnnA: no zoo for you
9:55 PM
AnnA: no soup for you
KatieGreeneVPPREP: huh?
AnnA: nvm
KatieGreeneVPPREP: i'm too tired to fend off your judgmentalism
AnnA: I'm not being judgemental, dude.
KatieGreeneVPPREP: s'OK
KatieGreeneVPPREP: even if you were, i'm too tired anway
AnnA: I was cracking a joke related to Sienfeld.
KatieGreeneVPPREP: anyway
KatieGreeneVPPREP: i don't watch that Jew show
AnnA: you're too tired for the zoo.
AnnA: neither do I.
AnnA: but it's a famous line from it.
AnnA: "No soup for you"
KatieGreeneVPPREP: oh yeah
KatieGreeneVPPREP: duh
On a related note, AnnA's Jewish friend doesn't piss me off because he doesn't play the Neurotic Jew card. The Disgruntled Jew card, on the other hand, is by far more entertaining and never gets old. This is worth its weight in free ham.

Neurotic Jew: Woody Allen, Jerry Seinfeld.
Disgruntled Jew: Adam Sandler, AnnA's friend, that kid from South Park, Krusty the Klown.

See? My hate is not w/o reason. it is surprisingly thought out and logical.

Krimson Jihad Katie, VP Public Relations, Expresso Parking


  1. LOL, I like the pic!
    Nice blog btw!

  2. You blocked out a racial slur but left the picture of two girls peeing?


  3. kentiah: these are old posts from my buddy's now-defunct blog. he wouldn't allow racial invectives. i took the liberty of adding the two girls, if only to lessen confusion about the link in the chat

  4. Wonderful post bro...

    Just stopping by to show you some support ;)