Sunday, September 5, 2010

I cannot remember being this pleased with quiz results!

Your Stipper Song Is

The Bad Touch by the Bloodhound Gang

"Sweat, baby, sweat, baby sex is a Texas drought
Me and you do the kind of stuff that only Prince would sing about"

When it comes to dancing, you let your freak flag fly!

From Caltechgirl. And at the risk of alienating a fellow Californian, how 'bout them Trojuns?

Although this does bring up a good topic. If you were a stripper, to what song would you dance onstage? No, let's make this a little more intelligent. What two songs would you pick for your two-song set? Comment below with your quiz results a/o your two-song sets.

And for those of you who have never frequented a Zoo, no problem! Just use your imagination.

Katie Greene, Vice President of Public Relations, Expresso Parking


  1. i'm in your site givin you a favour! pls return it! :3

  2. pour some sugar on me - def leppard
    I Touch Myself - Divinyls

  3. No idea what I'd pick, I'll have to add a 2nd reply with my answer.

  4. my stripper song would be "Your Body is a Wonderland"

  5. yeh buddy

    check it

  6. I dont think I would be a good stripper lol

  7. Your Song Is Master and Servant
    "There's a new game
    We like to play you see
    A game with added reality
    You treat me like a dog
    Get me down on my knees"

  8. lol i did that quiz and got the same result :)

  9. Mine would be the "Boo"'s of the crowd. It's what keeps me stripping!

  10. Lapdance time...? I thought you were a dude. :x

    Anyway, pick two songs, huh? I pick War Path and Here Comes the King by X-Ray Dog.

  11. I like anything TI as stripper song. It just gets me all eggcited..

  12. That is a great song, BHG does some funny stuff.

  13. my stripper song would be Paradise City

  14. OH. Well, okay. That's... that's okay, too. I guess. I mean... yeah, no that's fine.

  15. what the jeebus

  16. Haha, mine is Monster!.. you know the one.. coming over the hill ;]

  17. Paralyzer by Finger Eleven

    Well I’m not paralyzed
    But, I seem to be struck by you
    I want to make you move
    Because you’re standing still
    If your body matches
    What your eyes can do
    You’ll probably move right through
    Me on my way to you

  18. amazing

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  20. You and me baby ain't nothin but mammals
    So let's do it like they do it on discovery channel!

    Haha, I used to love that song when it first came out, but it just played so much I started to find it annoying.

  21. That's an awesome stripper song.

  22. The Bad Touch by the Bloodhound Gang

    Fuck yea