Saturday, September 4, 2010

Most glorious, drunken Greetings on a Satur-dee Night with Katie Greene!, or Enough of Rosa Fucking Parks already...

Was only gonna post a funny exchange between myself and Nyree tonight about one of the girls at the Zoo...

Not AIM chat. Actual real-life conversation from tonight!
Tia Katie: Was Ivy always that ugly, or did she get uglier?
Nyree Minasian: She was always that ugly, you just started drinking less.

...but then I found all the Firefox windows open to the Rosa Parks articles I was reading before dinner on account of this story...

Hundreds line up at church to view Rosa Parks

And now they're gonna let her lie in state at the Capitol Rotunda. Oh that's just fucking wonderful.


Do your homework. She wasn't the only black woman in these our wonderful United States who refused to give up her precious seat on a shitty bus to whitey. But holy shit, somehow she's a pio-fucking-neer.

You want a real black hero? We got one sitting in our Supreme Court. But shit, he's an Uncle Tom, he's a house nigger. Right? He wasn't keeping it real, right? He talks white and he dresses white and he probably even walks white too, huh. Yeah he'd make a terrible fucking role model for those 2/3 of black children born out of wedlock, wouldn't he? You shouldn't encourage your children to get law degrees and become lawyers and judges when holy fuck he needs to work on his jump shot so he can get a basketball scholarship and GTFO of the ghetto and go to the NBA.

Yeah screw that Clarence Thomas guy. The real issue is that the white man is making NBA players not dress like a bunch of street thugs. [whiny_bitch_democrat] That's racism! [/whiny_bitch_democrat]

Don't mind me, 16Peons. I'm drunk, I'm pissed off, and I just wanna use my shotgun liberally on some Covenant and Flood on my xB0x0r.

Although I seem to be strangely lucid and politically erect whenever I drink and post. I'm too lazy to find the post, but I think it's one of AnnA's weekend posts in october where I commented some pretty intelligent stuff whilst drunky-drunky. Maybe another 16P Overlord will try to find it. Shouldn't be too hard. Try the posts in the dashboard that don't say Tia Katie.

Anyway, yeah... Rosa Parks? Letting her lie in state at the same place where President Reagan laid in state is like giving JFK Jr. a military burial at sea. Except without the abuse of our naval resources by a bunch of criminal Democruds.

And Ivy? Ooh, very ugly. Nice body, except for the hideous, new fake tits. Check out Ariel instead if you like skinny blondes with good stage shows. At the very least, her new fake tits look good.

Enjoy the remainder of the weekend,
Katie Greene, Vice President of Public Relations, Expresso Parking


  1. thanks for your comment

  2. just doing the rounds

    piece out brother

  3. funny post in my eyes, never know someone to be intelligent while drunk.

  4. I think they pretty much needed someone of note for the feminist people, so they chose Rosa Parks as the "stepping stone" for it, even though there were others.

    I could go on as well about how people are racist by promoting race parades, demanding status quo, and so on, but I've given up on trying to convince people it's true. Ignorant idiots.

  5. Oh God, I laughed. Can't agree more, /followed

  6. lol so true! its all human nature in the end

  7. I can honestly say I would love just sit down and talk with you sometime. Rosa Parks not doing anything, Brilliant!

    Also, fake boobs are a bit strange... they confuse me.