Saturday, September 4, 2010

you can't spell Betting on College Sports without BCS!

So here's what Tia Katie's research finds:

Texas +7
U$C moneyline

Don't ask what the research consisted of, because you'll laugh. And then all of you will go out and buy duck eggs and pop tarts and then how the fuck will I be able to-- well, I've said too much already...

Unfortunately, stupid Visa won't let me make a deposit with bodog. So i can't put money down on the game. WTF.

Katie Greene
Commissioner, 16th Parallel Department of Recreational Athletics (Semi-nude)
Chairman, 16th Parallel Gaming Commission and House Gaming Control Board

<update time="2242" texas="41" U$C="38">


<update time="2316">
Two chats w/fellow golden bears. Both hailing from Southern California. Home of the SECOND PLACE U$C Trojuns

Here. Here's your goddam Berkeley diversity right here.
[grabs crotch, shakes]
10:47 PM
TiaKatie: updated 16thP post w/a pic
RCCBrenda: hahah
RCCBrenda: the whole game i was wearing a longhorns jersey and cap
TiaKatie: GOOD
RCCBrenda: yeah dude
TiaKatie: i don't care about pac-10 representation
RCCBrenda: even though i'm starting classes at $C on monday, i know my horns would win
TiaKatie: i hate $C
RCCBrenda: hook 'em!
TiaKatie: hook me!
RCCBrenda: you are SOGGY
TiaKatie: i will be the hookee
TiaKatie: and the longhorn cheerleaders can be the hook... ers
TiaKatie: YESH
RCCBrenda: OMG
RCCBrenda: that was too funny
RCCBrenda: post this on the 16th parallel
RCCBrenda: j/k j/k
TiaKatie: OK good
10:50 PM
TiaKatie: i'm feeling lazy tonight
TiaKatie: too much fucking work to put that pic up already
TiaKatie: i just wanna listen to the radio
RCCBrenda: it's coo
10:43 PM
ProfVivianCanapa: im so fucking mad
ProfVivianCanapa: i cant believe texas won
ProfVivianCanapa: fuck this shit
TiaKatie: oh you're from SoCal, huh?
ProfVivianCanapa: NO
ProfVivianCanapa: dood
ProfVivianCanapa: How can you forgive texas?!?!
TiaKatie: i'm sorry... i cannot in good conscience cheer for $C
ProfVivianCanapa: what?!?!?!
ProfVivianCanapa: after what TEXAS DID TO US LAST YEAR!!!??!
TiaKatie: dude, we did that to ourselves
TiaKatie: our ranking was inflated
ProfVivianCanapa: NO
ProfVivianCanapa: fuck that shit
ProfVivianCanapa: i dont give a shit
ProfVivianCanapa: i dont root for SC
ProfVivianCanapa: but i fucking HATE texas
TiaKatie: OK good
ProfVivianCanapa: with a passion
ProfVivianCanapa: HATE
ProfVivianCanapa: HATE
ProfVivianCanapa: HATE
ProfVivianCanapa: fuck mack brown
ProfVivianCanapa: i cannot believe you are not against Texas
TiaKatie: i just like george w. bush
10:45 PM
TiaKatie: and bay aryans up here hate texas becasue of that
TiaKatie: and even then, if i did hate texas, i wouldn't hate them as much as U$C
ProfVivianCanapa: but USC represents the pac10
TiaKatie: ahh still
TiaKatie: i was a golden bear before i knew what the pac-10 was
TiaKatie: and cal was there before the pac10
ProfVivianCanapa: they were our only hope
ProfVivianCanapa: to give the pac 10 any credibility
ProfVivianCanapa: ppl have been doggin the pac10
ProfVivianCanapa: for so long
ProfVivianCanapa: dogging oregon's loss
TiaKatie: i guess i don't really care about pac-10 credibility...
TiaKatie: i stopped caring after 1) we almost lost to BYU and 2) i couldn't place bets on tonight's game on
ProfVivianCanapa: hHAhaHAhaH!
10:50 PM
TiaKatie: fucking visa... won't let me charge my account for offshore betting
TiaKatie: whatta bunch of pigfuckers
ProfVivianCanapa: HAHAHHAA!
TiaKatie: and you can't spell pigfuckers w/o U$C
ProfVivianCanapa: fuck TEXAS!
ProfVivianCanapa: AARGH~!

RCCBrenda lived in Texas after leaving Seattle. It probably rubbed one out off on him (heh) while he was there. Professor VivianCanapa is neither a professor nor the foul combination of our Soil Mechanics and AutoCAD professors from Civil Engineering at Cal.


  1. I missed betting today too. They make it too hard.

  2. Hey, just thought I'd say hello! :D

  3. Too be honest ill was gonna wait a week to see how each of the schools perform before I start betting. So far im looking at Miami and North Carolina as my go to picks for most of the season. And maybe Texas... not so much on USC