Saturday, September 4, 2010

Late to the Table

Two things, which i'm already late posting, seeing as to how it's almost noon on the east coast...

1) Had a dream last night. I was in The Da Vinci Code. Closer to the end, I think I was one of the characters? Although it wasn't Tom Hanks or Jean Reno, since I could see them from where I was standing.

Ooh, and Audrey Tautou was there too. She's dreamy.


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<update time="1043" reason="Audrey Tautou is too hot to be confined by a single pic">

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2) Here's one of the funniest blonde jokes I've ever seen. I suppose there's a little bit of blonde in all of us.

(Note from Katie:  couldn't find the blonde joke from January 2006 in Attu's current archives.  Sorry, 16Peons.)

Katie Greene, Vice President of Public Relations, Expresso Parking


  1. im from the east coast as well, ps. gotta love those random dreams! haha

  2. She certainly is a beautiful woman!

    Gotta love those crazy dreams too. Unless it becomes a nightmare.


  4. Weird dream :P did you solve the puzzle XD

    And she kinda looks like my girl

  5. Can't argue with liking her, that's for sure.

  6. Showing teh daily support

  7. i'm in your page givin you a favor! pls return it! :3

  8. That's quite the dream- I recently dreamed I was brushing my teeth, and I woke up just barely too late to stop myself from spitting on my pillow.