Monday, September 13, 2010

I've found the future university for my daughters

CwTKnockers went to a Liberty High, and was surprised that I knew his mascot was the Patriot.

We're two grown men, chatting!
9:02 PM
TiaKatie: go patriots?
CwTKnockers: liberty university
TiaKatie: yeah i know
TiaKatie: no gambling?
CwTKnockers: I've found the future university for my daughters
TiaKatie: no R rated movies?
TiaKatie: no DECEPTION?!?
9:05 PM
CwTKnockers: it lists abortion
TiaKatie: dude, i like the 30 Reprimands + $500 Fine level!
CwTKnockers: that like doubles the prices
9:10 PM
TiaKatie: so your daughters can either fail to properly identify themselves twice, or have one abortion
CwTKnockers: I guess they don't think abortion is that bad

Are puritanical rules funny? Sure. But then again, the Puritans aren't having around 70% of their children out of wedlock...

Katie Greene, Vice President of Public Relations, Expresso Parking

(postscriptum from Katie:  OK, so Liberty University has since denied public access to their Reprimands and Consequences, but here's pretty much what we were talking about five years ago...


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  3. LOL at the irony. thanks for sharing.

  4. Whoa... that's a rather interesting school.

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  7. haaha just like there was this one univ in cali alled oaksterdam univ. LOL

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  11. Wow... Just wow...

    "Participation in an unauthorized petition or demonstration - $50 fine"
    So if you wish to change something you have to ask someone first in order to have a chance of changing things. In short, they don't care to see what people want changed, they want control.

    And before you dare sign that petition, you better be sure the dean's authorization of approval is on it!

    I know that isn't the most outrageous. I'm laughing at how not doing community service or something christian is the same punishment for sexual assault.

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  14. 70%, sounds pretty high. But doesn't that indicate that getting married and having children is a bit passe'? Times-a-changin and all that?

  15. KC: yes, that 70% was taken out of context. that phrase originally linked to some posts about black children being born out of wedlock.

  16. oic, that makes more sense to me. *racist remark?* o.O

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