Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Original Content? In my 16th Parallel?

I'm just as shocked as you are.
still mai waifu!

Your good buddy Katie didn't have enough time to hunt down some old posts for recycling.  Turns out that writing something in 2010 is a lot easier than finding old posts from pre-2007 and sanitizing them.

Giants up 1-0 over the Cusb, 2 out in the bottom of the Ninth!

Padres also up over the Dodgers, D-backs leading the Rockies last time i checked...

love always
Katie Greene

ps-  i'm slowly makign the rounds.  i was in the office today, not in the field.  if you've commented, i'm coming!  if i'm following you, i'm getting to your updates!
pps-  giants win 1-0!  5-3 on the putout  giants up 1 game over the pads, behind the Barves 1/2 game for the WC (sorta)


  1. if you actually read the WISDOM OF THE DAY and are confused, Charlie Tom Robert is just like Charlie Tango Romeo...

  2. Recycling stuff is cool. Especially old sports teams.

  3. Following and supporting, even though I don't really care about baseball...

  4. :( Why can't the dodgers come up?!

  5. As a Mets fan, I just resign myself to constant disappointment.

  6. Meeeeh, it is the sport I like the least ^^

  7. holy poopies! =O Thats da farting poopies, man!

    smoochies though!

  8. Hooray for original content! I actually odn't know why you don't do this more often anyway. Just like you said, seems easier to post something new than to look for something old and interesting.