Monday, September 20, 2010

Today Was a Good Day

do you see what i did there?
Normally, I'd have a nice juicy post for you, especially with such a Katie -tastic weekend. But I'm watching my Season 4 DVD of The Shield, so you'll make do with a post that's receiving less than my full attention.

Went to Cache Creek today. Not with Maggie the Cat, though. My grandma called me up, said that she had a coupon for complimentary $20 slot play. Who am I to refuse? Although I was somewhat concerned that I shot my wad of luck on Friday when I turned $38 into $199 on bodog. That's good, yes, but I was afraid that I had used up all my gambling karma.

Staked $140-- because my preferred stake of $138 is just a pain in the ass sometimes-- dipped down to $70, $80 at one point but then made a miraculous recovery to pull even and then up to around $180 or so. Pulled out at $168 because it was time to go home.

Tia Katie, you might be asking if you too share the gambling bug, How can I make a miraculous recovery too? Well, 16th Parallel Peons, I've posted this progression before. If i'm not lazy, I'll find it for you.

<update time=0053>
You're in luck: Feelin' Crappy!

You wanna know how not to gamble like a little girl? Check out the tips in that post right there...


This gets kinda messy when you get to the six and the eight and you have some wiggle room when you have to place 6 or 8 units on a single line bet. If you're playing with double odds, you can have a 2-unit line bet, and a 4-unit free odds.

Lay 9 to win 5 that we lost our little girl AnnA's comprehension with "free odds". Press it up one unit that the concept of "laying odds" went over his head too. Hope you had your "AnnA Don't Understand Pressing One Unit" bet working. That's just easy money.

So back to the progression. Double free-odds. If you're lucky enough to get to the 6 and win, what do you do with the 4? 2 and 2? Wrong. You can take 2 behind the line with 1 on the line. Your Tia Katie usually changes the progression to ...-3-6-3-6-... Which reminds me, you gotta start off 2-2 and not 1-2. So really, it's


Easier said than done.

Lunch at the buffet with grandma, and that's one nice buffet! Maybe even better than some of the nicer Vegas buffets. I liked the Aladdin and the Luxor, but I think this one beat both of them. Ice Cream Sundae bar, good prime rib, potstickers didn't suck. Quite the bargain. Anyway, was thinking about the Katie-progression during lunch, since I saw on the way over that the tables were actually $5 and not $10 like I thought I saw earlier.

Cache Creek is 3-4-5 free odds. Whole Other set of problems. But it lets us get back to 2-2-3-6-4-8-4-8-...

2 - 1 and 1
2 - 1 and 1
3 - 1 and 2
6 - umm, we'll get to that in a second
4 - 1 and 3. Duh. This is where I lost.
8 - Didn't get here. 2 and 6? maybe something related to the 6-unit bet?

For the 6-unit: 1 on the line and max free odds. You may have 2 or 1 units free. You can place the extra unit(s) on the 6 and/or the 8. Press one unit until you Ess-out. "Seven-out" if you're AnnA.

For the 8-unit: Now that I think about it, 1 and 3 and placing 4 units is a huge pain in the ass. Do that if you feel like it, but you might be better off with 2 and 6. No fuss, no muss.

Went shooting after dropping grandma off. Tried the 20-gauge, but some ejector-dealie wasn't ejecting the spent shells like it was supposed to. Manager of the store put some teflon-dealie on it, but I wasn't paying attention. I'll clean the guns tomorrow, as it's well past my bedtime.

The Shield is rad, recommend you check it out if you haven't already. If you're fortunate enough to be in my good graces, ask to borrow my copy. Or invite yourself over. Just lemme clean up a bit first...

Tia Katie


  1. I didnt read all this sorry :( I will get back to it another day

  2. you didn't miss that much, Viperman

  3. New Blog Name: Katie Greene's Gambling Bug :D

  4. ur better off watching Lost

  5. jacob: i watched the first few episodes of Lost, then missed a couple and was subsequently was too lazy to pick it back up. one of these days i'll go download the episodes.

    nugget: i was going back through the now-defunct blog (from which these posts are stolen. from myself.) and i don't have as many gambling posts as i'd like. a majority of the posts were political and then my watching/liveblogging 3am-Critic-style TV shows. not very timely nor topical.

  6. Cache Creek.. isn't that in Nor-Cal?

  7. I do like the gambling entries though. Even if I only play the pussy way of gambling, I still enjoy hearing of wins and losses.

    BTW, Lost is awesome. Watch in online if you have to haha! Just the middle gets a bit crazy and you need to realize it is science fiction and not realistic in any sense.

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  11. Interesting, but numbers hurt my brain.

  12. Hahaha, I wouldn't gamble even with good advice, I'm pretty sure I would lose tons of money ^^

  13. The only gambling I do anymore is playing the lottery once every couple of months. I generally have crappy luck when it comes to gambling

  14. Even with good advice I tend to lose tons of money, lol

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  17. Perfer poker :)

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  18. "the terrorists have already won" =P =[

  19. There are a lot of good series to watch, the shield is one of them :-) Just stopping by to show daily support, have a nice day!! ;-)

  20. I didn't understand like, 90% of your post.
    I perked up at the mention of a 20 gauge, though. I've never actually shot one of those.

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