Sunday, September 19, 2010

Tia Katie's MLB favorite Giants against his AL favorite Mariners

You are allowed two favorite baseball teams. One from each League. I've been a Giants fan since 1984, 1985? And the nice thing about the bay area is that you can like both bay area teams. Back around 1989 and the Bay Bridge Series you had dual Giants/A's caps. Cool shit.

Although I never adopted the A's as my AL team, not even when I was one town away for college. After college though, when I was moved to Seattle for work, our office was mere minutes away by foot from brand new Safeco Field (and under-construction Seahawk Stadium). I didn't hate the mariners, although I seemed to hate their stupid fans. As much as I hate the holier-than-thou mentality which is the San Francisco Bay Area, it showed in my Giants-fandom. "Seattle isn't a baseball town!" And they weren't. Maybe they still aren't. But in the end, the Mariners fulfilled my baseball urges and I managed to forgive the Washingtards for not being fortunate enough to have been born in Giants Nation.

Also, I liked the Mariners' seafaring blues and greens better than I did Oakland's bright shitty green and thrown-in-as-an-afterthought gold. Nasty looking caps.

So there's my baseball lineage. Giants first, distant second the Mariners, very distant third the A's, and then everybody else. At the bottom of the list? The Red Sox and Yankees, followed by the Angels, and then of course the lowest of the low... the Dodgers. The main thing is yes, you can have two teams. But you must choose one when they do finally meet.

Not sure what used to be here, but this seems to fit.

You can probably imagine my excitement at this interleague series. The G-Men and M's won't meet regular season probably for another 6 years or so, and the Giants probably won't be up in seattle for another 12. Maybe 18. I'll be old by then. Shit.

They'll meet in the Cactus League, maybe in an exhibition the weekend before opening day. Or... <snorts> even in The World Series. Yeah. Right. Like that'll happen anytime soon.

Go Giants,
Katie Greene
Commissioner, 16th Parallel Department of Recreational Athletics (Semi-nude)



  2. I been a mets and rex sox fan :)

  3. Not much of a baseball fan myself. Semi pay attention to the Rockies, just cause they are local.

  4. I'm a Mets fan with a general tolerance of the Yankees due to geograpical proximity, but mostly I despise them. Eh, lol

  5. great post man, just doing my rounds, keep up the good work =)