Friday, September 10, 2010

which loosely translated means, "i like your boobs / let me lick your boobs"

Yes, that post title is somewhat inappropriate. Especially since I like legs and buttocks more than boobies. But since a good portion of the 16P will either like boobies or have boobies (hopefully both?) I'm in a very small minority. Despite my being a large minority.

(Read: Post title socially inappropriate. I'm not a boob-man. Most of you 16Peons are boob-men or are women (or are boob-women?), so I am of the minority opinion. Although I am a husky [race censored].)

That first paragraph was just confusing enough to those on the outside looking in to warrant a translation. Hope this helps. If you didn't need a translation to read the first paragraph, you'll probably be amused by the italicized stuff then...

The Sea Gal in question is a fourth year Sea Gal named Trina. She's dreamy.

Katie Greene, Vice President of Public Relations, Expresso Parking

You're the Man now, dogg!
AnnA: dude, I love that picture with you and the sea gals.
TiaKatie: yeah, me too
AnnA: great background.
AnnA: great foreground
TiaKatie: nice mammaries
AnnA: yes, me likey
TiaKatie: my favorite one is in the lower right
TiaKatie: curly hair
TiaKatie: w/highlights
AnnA: o rly?
9:10 AM
TiaKatie: am i missing something?
AnnA: this is what I meant to show you
AnnA: you seen the latest ytmnds?
TiaKatie: no, hit me
TiaKatie: LOL
9:15 AM
AnnA: this one is awesome.
TiaKatie: LOL
9:20 AM
TiaKatie: oh that's fucking hilarious
AnnA: and that's the actual song!
TiaKatie: yeah
TiaKatie: i recognize it
TiaKatie: "korah matah / korah ratamah"
TiaKatie: which loosely translated means, "i like your boobs / let me lick your boobs"
AnnA: hahaha
9:25 AM
AnnA: ROFL!!!
AnnA: ROFL!!
TiaKatie: OH JESUS
TiaKatie: i wasn't expecting that

<hotchicks origin="sea" colloquially="gals">
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Korah Matah

Korah Ratamah



  1. The uniform in second pic is ugly.


  2. I'm a boob-man myself. I even am into the slightly muscled type a girl, haha. Strong women just appeal to me I guess.

  3. hai ! <3 support from me

  4. awesome blog check you daily keep it up!

  5. epic fitness: there's a reason they're called classics... thanks for the comment, dude!

    and really, thanks to all for the support.

  6. You're in luck! I love boobies and HAVE boobies! MAN-BOOBIES! :D
    In all honesty though, I'm not much for boobs, butts, or legs. What I really love are lips, necks, and noses. Oh gosh, noses :>

  7. Ahahah, that poor black chick.. I named her Tokenia