Monday, August 30, 2010

God Bless American Capitalism!

This capitalism thing is nice, except that it brings everybody and their uncles out of the woodwork and into the parking lot and the mall and in my way.

I'm not one for people-watching, normally, as I was an engineer and not one of those fruity, touchy-feely liberal arts types who liked to sit on Red Square and look at people. Yeah, I was busy scarfing down my janky Chinese food from Bellagio Ave between classes.

Anycrap, I'm here, and it's not so much people-watching as it is people-watching's politically incorrect and sexually charged cousin "checking-out-women-in-tight-jeans". Well, not-so-tight-jeans too, I suppose. There are these two chicks right in front of me eating Auntie Anne's pretzels, the one on the right is kinda cute as her hair is tied back, but not too tight and she's wearing a blue turtleneck sweater that looks itchy. Miss, might I scratch your chest?


  1. people watching is fun. you get to see the retards of the world.

  2. Great read i agree completely