Monday, August 30, 2010

What a selfish ASSHOLE

here's a brief snippet...

Ten Die in LA Train Crash; Murder Charge Planned
LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Ten people were killed and about 200 injured on Wednesday when two Los Angeles commuter trains collided after one of them hit a vehicle left on the tracks by a man contemplating suicide, authorities said.

Police and city officials said the 26-year-old man, whom they described as "deranged," watched the two trains smash into each other at high speed after leaving his Jeep Cherokee on the tracks.

The man was found wandering the scene after the accident, muttering: "I'm sorry, I'm sorry." Police said the man, who was not injured, was in custody and would be charged with murder.

You stupid asshole.

Just so we're all on the same page here: You think your problems are so fucking important that you need to share them not only with your friends and family, but with complete strangers who are simply doing nothing more than going about their regular LA lives with (until this morning) no clue about your insignificant life?

You stupid asshole.

OK so never mind that the best way to kill yourself probably involves laying down some Visqueen to catch blood or any organs. You obviously didn't care enough about other people to give them that very basic consideration. And also never mind that taking a drive up to san fran-fucking-cisco and stepping off of our beloved Golden Gate Bridge (about which headlines have been reappearing) would've have saved people the inconvenience of commutus interruptus (there are parking lots at either end of the bridge. try em out!). No, you decided to use a train. Which several times through out the year at my high school caused peninsula students to be late because of suiciders.

You stupid asshole.

But instead of jumping in front of a train by your lonesome which likely wouldn't derail a train, you park an entire vehicle on the tracks. Did you just not think about something like that? Nice job, shit-for-brains. But I guess since the world revolves around you and your problems, you really didn't have any obligation to the people around you.

Plain and simple: You are an Attention Whore. This title, while normally reserved for only the most whoriest and shallow of gold-digging women, is very aptly applied to you.

Congratulations, you're an insensitive asshole.

This reminds me of the time last year when some Bay Aryan was threatening to jump off of the Bay Bridge. This particular Attention Whore felt the need to stop his vehicle on the bridge during the Friday morning rush hour into the City, and stay perched atop a maintenance ledge until well after the evening commute.

He didn't kill anybody, no. But the ensuing bottleneck at the bridge (CHP had closed all but one lane from Oakland into San Francisco) lasted for over 24 hours later.

The worst part about these two insensitive, stupid, Attention Whore Assholes?

They're both alive today.

Go eat a sausage and choke on it,
Katie G

UPDATE -- So every once in a while, the civil engineer in me will shine through... Train wreck related post, my comment follows. Was talking with Anna's MIT friend this last weekend, he was saying that i'm not the typical bookish, engineer-nerd type. This is somewhat of an accomplishment for a berkeley engineer


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