Thursday, September 2, 2010

Screw this. We'll go right ahead and say what KGO couldn't: Chicks are waxing off and lasering off their pubes.

Just watched a segment on KGO's 11 o'clock news.

Hairless Fad Could Have Consequences

Hopefully, they'll put up a video soon. It's pretty funny how the closest they come to talking about pubic hair and crotchal regions is through showing a Sex and the City clip.

The best part? When they show the Campanile. "WTF?" you'll find yourself thinking, but oh OK then they start interviewing berkeley guys and one berkeley chick. And if you didn't already realize it, berkeley chicks don't shave their legs. Nor their armpits. Yet somehow, the pubes make the cut?

My neighbor is coming home right now from watching Grey's Anatomy at a friend's (place). I wonder if my neighbor is shorn. Maybe a nice landing strip?

I'd try to sneak some right-margin pics in right about now. Yeah, right.

[update date="20051128" time="1028"]
OK a video has been up for a while. Go to the article's link above, and then click on the VIDEO link. Why does this seem like a no-brainer? That's because it is. Except your Tia Katie didn't know it because he was trying to use Firefox this whole time.

And Firefox doesn't quite handle the pop-up. Or maybe that's just me. In any case, try several browsers. Funny video.


  1. Clean and smooth is the way to go Katie.

  2. yeah i can't stand body hair at all from the neck down

  3. wat? girls with armpit hair??? oh nos...LOL

  4. less hair FTW

  5. add me.

    ill read your blog daily

  6. i use google chrome for blogger stuff

  7. firefox is still best imo

  8. I'm voting for the smooth look.